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Nicole Jensen, MEd, M-CLC, RYT-200

I'm pretty sure that I was born a "helper." I was always the teacher, the tutor, the teacher's pet, the good girl. I was also painfully shy and self-conscious and insecure.  Recognizing these same traits in others became my super-power early in life.  I think I discovered long ago that if I helped others survive their struggles, then my own didn't feel quite so heavy.

​I grew up in a home where addiction and mental health concerns added spice to family dynamics.  I ran away to college as fast as I possibly could following graduation; I was in such a rush to grow up, to escape. I planned to be a writer and a child psychologist, but within the first year of college I had become an Early Childhood Education major.  Still a helper, but faster to the adult world of work as an education major.  ​


Following college, I dabbled in a string of jobs that taught me so much about people and the world we live in.  I was a waitress, a substitute teacher, a dental receptionist, a Jenny Craig counselor, a drug and alcohol rehab dictaphone transcriber, a legal secretary, a bartender, and finally a training coordinator for the federal government.  ​


Eventually, I left the government job to return to teaching.  I taught 33 kids from El Salvador in a multi-age K-3 classroom near DC for a year, then first grade, fourth grade, second grade and third grade in my home town in Maryland. After ten years back in the classroom, I thought I could help more people by leading the school so I became an Assistant Principal for 9 years, a Principal for 3, and finally a central office English Language Arts administrator for 3 more that bled into the COVID years. That last stint just about broke me. Cubicle work is not for the teacher-at-heart. 


Craving a deeper purpose and human connection, the following year I became a middle school special educator.  As I write this, I've been helping every kid I possibly can whether they are special education kids or just special kids for the last 3 years.  I've now been an educator, in one form or another, for over 26 years. The original passion I had for teaching remains strong, but it has certainly been tested over the years.  


What I have omitted from this little life story are the events that transpired while I was teaching or leading for all those years. My daughter and I lost her father when she was 12 years old.  He was 36.  She struggles with the loss of him to this day. I struggle with her struggle as well as my own. My father and my younger brother passed away a decade later. The loss of those we love is heavy, complicated, and life-altering. But those we love are never truly lost.  


I share this auto-biographical information in order to be transparent. Authentic. Our stories make us who we are. My story is why I continue to be the helper I was as a child.  The difference is that now, as an adult, I also have the life experiences that enable me to empathize with the heartaches and challenges that so many of us carry today.  


This is my story, albeit an abbreviated one, and as a Coach I will not share it during sessions, because that time is wholly yours.  But, if you are a sister, a daughter, a brother, a father, a mother, a teacher, a leader, a musician, a dependent, a co-dependent, a friend, a partner, or any other human being in need of support, just know that I am here to listen without judgment or shame and I am always ready to help.


​Be well,


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The Condensed Version

If you prefer a simple snapshot of my areas of expertise, here you go! 

  • BS Early Childhood Education

  • Master's Degree Administration & Supervision

  • Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT-200

  • M-CPLC, Master Certified Professional Life Coach

  • Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring

  • Mental Health & Wellness

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Empathic Relationships

  • Sensory Tools and Spaces

  • Classroom Management

  • Trauma Informed Instruction

  • Self-Regulation

  • Behavior Modification

  • Stages of Grief

  • Stages of Human Development

  • Educational Leadership

  • Public Speaking

  • Writing Instruction

  • Instructional Strategies

  • Instructional Design

  • Special Education


If you are ready to take the first step toward a happier, more fulfilling life, please reach out to Authentic Clarity Coaching. A certified Coach is experienced in guiding individuals toward their personal and professional goals. Contact me to schedule a consultation or learn more about life coaching services. Let me help you achieve authentic clarity in all aspects of your life.

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