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About ACC

About Authentic Clarity

Thank you so much for your interest in Authentic Clarity Life Coaching.  This space was created with one purpose in mind: to help YOU. 

So many of us struggle in our world today.  Some of us wear a different mask deemed suitable for each of our life settings, only to end each day feeling depleted, alone, and unseen.  Some of us substitute whatever it is that we long for with things we hope will fill that void; work, money, friends, food, drink, clothes, recognition; but we still find ourselves mired by the undeniably empty or longing feeling that lingers at the end of each day.  Some of us are overwhelmed by the seemingly miniscule details of life; the schedules, to-do lists, chores, errands, traffic, work, bills, paperwork, relationships...and we feel paralyzed by the sheer volume of "stuff" that is physically or mentally suffocating us.  Whether the obstacles in your life are pebbles or boulders,  downpours or drizzles, crippling crises or mild irritations, having a Coach in your corner is truly liberating.


I chose the name "Authentic Clarity" because when you are finally heard, when you have unpacked the obstacles that have been holding you back from your most fulfilling life, and once you have begun taking clearly defined steps toward your future goals, you will begin to drop the masks, forego the meaningless substitutions for joy, and the weight of the "stuff" will begin to lighten.  You will recognize and appreciate your authentic self, and you will bask in the clarity of your own life goals, your purpose.  Authentic Clarity offers a genuine, caring, and transparent approach to coaching, solely focused on helping you gain clear insight and understanding as you discover the very best version of yourself. 

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